Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority


Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

Domain Authority is one of the main factors that determine the ranking of a website. The domain authority score ranges from 1 to 100. The higher your Domain Authority score, the more likely you are to increase web traffic and performance in SERP rankings.

The largest, most authoritative sites on the Internet have domain authority scores over 90. Other top publications will typically score over 70 and 80.  For example, the DA of BBC News is 94; the Guardian’s Domain Authority is 83.

However, most sites will not compete with official news sites such as the BBC and The Guardian.

Suppose, your website’s domain authority is 55. It’s not too bad, but it’s a lot lower than BBC News, which ranks in the 90s.

But unless you run a small news site, you won’t be competing with the BBC for subscribers. Therefore, comparing your site with such websites is pointless.

Instead, focus on researching the scores of your direct competitors.

If you find that your competitors have domain authority scores in their forties and fifties, that means your domain authority score is very good!

Compare your domain authority to your competitors to determine if you have a good domain authority score.

If it’s more, great! If it is less, then there is some work to be done.

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

Is a Low Domain Authority Score Bad?

Having a low domain authority score is not a bad thing. In fact, all sites will start with a low Domain Authority score before any links can be received.

The only exception is when a new site is created on an existing domain that already has links pointing to it.

When you are trying to build links for your own site, it is best to aim for high-domain authority websites.

Low Domain Authority sites can potentially hurt your own score and ranking if they link you in high volumes.

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

Is Domain Authority Important?

Google does not classify Domain Authority as a ranking factor.

It is simply a metric that SEO professionals and website owners alike should use as a relative number to compare domains with competitors and previous versions.

Google uses similar factors, but not just this metric. You can’t judge a site by its DA alone, or by anyone metric.

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

How Can You Check Your Domain Authority Score?

Understanding the concept of domain authority can seem confusing at first, but thankfully it is very easy to check your domain authority.

There are plenty of SEO platforms out there that will allow you to check your domain authority, such as Moz and SemRush.

Simply paste your URL into the search bar on the platform, and there you will see your domain authority score.

If you’d prefer an expert to improve your domain authority score, it’s worth contacting your digital marketing agency and asking them to check it out for you.

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

Domain Authority vs Page Authority

Page Authority (PA) is similar to Domain Authority, but instead of ranking the entire domain, it looks at just an individual page.

Even as you improve your page authority, so will your domain authority.

How Can You Increase Your Domain Authority Score?

To increase your domain authority score follow the below 5 steps and you will be well on your way to getting an excellent DA.

Audit Your Site’s Links

First, you should do a link audit of your current site. But how does Link Audit work?

Essentially, a backlink audit is a process of evaluating all links pointing to your domain. You have to find the links, differentiate between the good and the bad, and develop a strategy to remove the bad links and acquire more good ones.

While auditing your site’s link mind the following:

a. Your current domain authority score

This will give you a benchmark to work with. How attractive is your domain to link-building prospects? How does your DA compare to your competition?

b. Number of backlinks

This will allow you to compare your ‘backlink footprint’ with your competitors.

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

Remove Bad Links

It is important to remove links from unknown, spammy websites to avoid being penalized by Google. Use a tool like SemRush or Moz to identify any bad links, or ask your digital marketing agency to compile a list for you and remove them.

Publish content that people can link to

Creating useful content for users in your industry is the first step to better link-building.

When writing new content, you should aim to make it better than anything else. If it isn’t, people will only link to better, competing sites.

Users will typically link to unique, high-quality content such as:

The ideal scenario for users would be to systematically search for your content and link to it in their content.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen very often.

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

How to access Other sites and Get Backlinks

Try and get some quality backlinks

Once you’ve created quality, linkable content, it’s time to reach out to others in your industry.

Contact relevant websites and tell them about the great content you’ve written.

You can access websites using a platform like SEMrush, by searching manually, or by asking a digital marketing agency to compile a list and reach it on your behalf.

Then, it’s a matter of writing an email introducing yourself and letting them know about your content. It is best to try and emphasize how your content will be beneficial to their website users.

Keep in mind that you are not the only one doing this type of outreach.

Many webmasters will be overwhelmed by outreach requests, and it is common for some webmasters not to even respond to your email.

You can try to make your email stand out from the rest by giving something in return. For example, you can offer to share one of their posts on your social platforms or email.

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

Improve Your Internal Links

Internal links are very important to your SEO success, but they get very little credit.

Many websites are so focused on getting external backlinks that they often overlook the importance of internal linking. Don’t overlook it.

Internal links link one page of a website to a different page on the same site. They help users to what they are trying to find – ultimately improving their user experience.

Internal linking also defines the hierarchy of a website.

Additionally, internal linking makes it easier for Google to index your entire site. See how much value internal links can add?

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

How to Improve Internal Link

a, create lots of content

To create more internal links, you must create more internal pages to link to.

When you create a lot of content, you have more linkable content. More links in more places will improve your internal linking strategy.

b. deep linking

The deeper the link, the better.

When it comes to deep linking, there are two types of links that you should avoid using too much in your content; homepage and contact us.

Try to avoid too many links to top-level pages on your site. Your navigation menu already covers this.

The best links to use are deep links within the site.

Link to other posts that match the context of your content to improve your internal linking.

c. use relevant links

Internal linking is good, but don’t link just for the sake of linking.

Following on our previous point, link to relevant content. If there isn’t a strong connection between the two subjects, don’t link them. This will not provide a great user journey, and will likely confuse and frustrate your readers.

Set up a Google Alert for your brand name, and whenever you receive an email notification, visit the website to see if they link to your site. If they haven’t, drop them a quick email asking for a link back.

Keep in mind, this tactic works best for sites that are more established. If people don’t know about your website, they are unlikely to mention you in the first place.

Hope that you would be benefited from this article. Please don’t forget to send your feedback. 0 0 0.

Best Tips to Improve Domain Authority

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