Learn About Auto Blogging Easily


Learn About Auto Blogging Easily

Learn About Auto Blogging Easily

Learn About Auto Blogging Easily

Learn About Auto Blogging Easily

Here, in this article, I am going to tell you about Auto Blogging, especially with a website called FTTT Website. Learn to do it very easily.

Nowadays many people are making blogs and earning a lot of money by means of doing auto blogging. You also can do it if you want to earn some extra money. Here go on reading all about auto blogging as follows:

Learn About Auto Blogging Easily

What is auto blogging? How does one do this?

You can publish an article by writing on it. But Auto Blogging is a bit different. It is like this. With this, you can earn money without much effort. For this, you should have complete knowledge about it.

In Auto Blogging, you do not need to write any kind of post. In Auto Blogging, all the work is done automatically. In Auto Blogging, the content of any other site gets updated on your website, just a little setting is required.

In auto blogging, the contents of other sites are automatically shared with your blog.

This can also cause Google to shut down your website. If you use Automated Software or any Plugin, then inside it you also get the option of editing, so that you can edit your post and from where you have copied your article, you can also add a link to your article. And it is also not considered copyright.  For this, a website has to be created on a blog or word press and set up on the website.

An account has to be created on the IFTTT website. After setup, you can update posts on the blog via an RSS feed. If you want to do Auto Blogging on WordPress Blog then people need good hosting. You can also use a VPS server.

Learn About Auto Blogging Easily

How to do auto blogging?

First of all, you have to create a blog in your Blog Platform, then open it. Create the Feed Url of any website you want to copy the post.

You can easily find the URL feed address of any website by adding the Get RSS Feed URL extension to your browser.

If you want to know auto blogging setup then we are telling you some tips, you have to follow them:-

1. Visit the website

If you want to do Auto Blogging, then to do Auto Blogging, you must first open the IFTTT website. And enter your email id. Then click on Get Started and sign in after setting the password. And the account is created.

2. Tap on New Applets:

After clicking on this option, a new page will open in front of you, click on New Applets inside it.

Click on the “If + This Then That, Me + This” option.

In the option of Choose a Service, you have to choose your blogging platform.

Now you have to select the theme and then click on the Connect button.

Select the option of Choose trigger.

3. Choose a Website:

Now after this you have to allow permission of your Gmail account. And out of all the sites you have created on Blogger/WordPress, you have to select one site. In which you want to do Auto Blogging.

4. Create a Post:

Now click on the option of Create a post.

5. Select Category:

If you want to update the post type on your blog, select that category. You can have posts automatically published from another website’s RSS feed.

6. Tap on Create Action:

After this option, click on the option of create action button.

7. Tap on the Finish button:

When all your processes are over then you have to finally click on the finish button. So done friends, in this way you can publish an automatic post on your blog.

Learn About Auto Blogging Easily

Benefits of Auto Blogging

Once you set it up, automatic posts will continue to be published on your blog. Using this also saves you time. If you guys don’t have time to write posts then this is a very good way for you.

When the posts on your blog are updated regularly, it also brings good traffic to your site. With its help, you can also earn a lot of money. With the help of Auto Blogging, you can also get your Adsense Account approved easily.

Disadvantages of Auto Blogging

If your readers will come to know that you have copied the content of people, then they will not come to read your website again. If the SEO of your website is not good, then your site will not be able to rank. Google can also penalize your site.

But you can try it with due caution and honesty by making an arrangement with the feed website holder.  Hope that you are benefited from the information. Thanking you. 0 0 0.

Learn About Auto Blogging Easily

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