Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone iOS


Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone iOS

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone iOS

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone iOS

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone iOS

Here are some of the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone. Go on reading to know about the best wallpapers apps for iPhone iOS.

How to set Live Photo as Live Wallpaper?

Before we move on to apps, let’s discuss the basic way to set Live Photos as wallpaper. Open the Photos app and find a Live Photo in the album. You should see a Live Photos indicator on the top left corner of the photo.

To use this photo as wallpaper, tap the Share button in the lower-left corner. Select “Use as Wallpaper” from the share sheet.

Make sure the Live Photos button is turned on and then tap the Set button to set the wallpaper on the lock screen. Once the wallpaper is set, you can tap and hold on to the lock screen to watch the wallpaper come to life. You can use the same method to set any Live Photo or GIF as a live wallpaper.

List of Best Live Wallpaper Apps For iPhone iOS


Kappboom is a one-stop shop where you can find wallpapers for your iPhone in precise detail. You can find wallpapers that fit perfectly on the iPhone screen, whether you use iPhone XR or iPhone 12 mini. While the app lists around 200,000 wallpapers, the number of live wallpapers is limited. There are nearly 40 high-quality wallpapers to choose from. You can make cityscapes live wallpapers, monuments, aurora, and abstract objects with timeliness do your things.

Live Wallpaper Maker

Live Wallpaper Maker is another great app that offers a unique list of live wallpapers for your iPhone. The app has neatly organized categories on the left pane where you can browse through your favourite types of live wallpapers. Categories include sports, abstract, cars, nature, space, animals, urban, leisure, and more.

Z Wallpaper

Zedge has been around for more than a decade and has always offered the best quality wallpapers and ringtones. The app features an icon pack and ringtone maker along with a large number of live wallpapers. There is no category to narrow down the results but you can search for it. The best part of Zedge is that they have verified manufacturers to curate the list of wallpapers which greatly increases the number of wallpapers you can find here.

From abstract to surreal, you can find all kinds of live wallpapers. Even though the app is free, the live wallpapers are not. Each live wallpaper costs 10 Z credits that you can either buy in bulk with in-app purchases or watch an ad to earn something.

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone iOS

Edge Lighting Live Wallpaper

Edge Lighting Live Wallpaper lets you create a Live Wallpaper that simulates the edge lighting effect when you tap and hold the lock screen.

You can choose from existing presets or create your own custom live wallpaper with four different colours, different speeds, and adjustable rounded corners. Once you’re happy with the preview, you can save the live wallpaper to the Photos app and set it as wallpaper. The app is free to download but you’ll need to pay $5.49 to unlock the ability to save live wallpapers to your Photos app.

Gravity Fluid Slime Simulator

This next app is more than an interactive simulator where you can play with a variety of slimes, liquid colours and round objects. There are a total of 15 different simulators that you can play with and create live wallpapers. For example, if you choose Slime, you can start recording a short clip and save it as a Live Photo in your Photos app.

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone iOS

Black- Live Wallpaper

As the name implies, Black offers high-quality live wallpapers that are built around the Dark theme. It has around 30 different live wallpapers and some of them are Apple iPhone exclusives. For example, each iPhone has a different set of live wallpapers which you may not find on every iPhone like iPhone 12 Pro will have different live wallpapers as compared to iPhone 11. Not to mention that each live wallpaper is thoughtfully designed and looks amazing on the OLED screen of the iPhone 12.

Live Wallpapers for iPhone

This app is a simple interface that focuses on browsing and finding high-quality wallpapers. It is completely free and has a wide assortment. It also has a huge library of wallpapers that look great.

Instead of scrolling thoughtlessly, you can simply tap a tag or search for a relevant tag and narrow down your results. Needless to say, you can find the live wallpaper of your choice, no matter how exclusive. Plus, the app is completely free and only contains ads.

Paper- Live Wallpaper

Paper boasts of an excellent library of UHD live wallpapers for your iPhone. With over 4000 Live Wallpapers you have access to, it’s easy to get confused but you can easily find the right wallpaper by checking each category. There are nature, abstract, anime, animals, sports, couples, movies, simplicity and others.

The wallpaper library keeps updating which means you will get a new stock every day. The app is free but some wallpapers are locked behind a paywall that you can unlock for $8.49/year.

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone iOS

Wallpaper Central

Wallpaper Central is the only one that offers exclusive Apple wallpapers for everyone. Whether you are looking for iOS 14 wallpapers or iPhone SE wallpapers, you can always find them on Wallpaper Central. Live Wallpapers are no exception and the app has every Live Wallpaper of every iPhone released with a set of Live Wallpapers. It includes MagSafe animations, exclusive wallpapers, and lots of originals.

Alive Life Wallpaper

Alive is a Live Wallpapers app that provides a selective collection of Wallpaper handpicked by the editorial team. You can find amazing wallpapers in 12 different categories like entertainment, animal, motorsport, genre, flags, city etc.

With the existing collection, you can create your own live wallpapers in the app. It has two sections: one where you can create a live wallpaper from your video and another where you can create a live wallpaper from existing templates. There are over 200 templates to choose from and new content is added every day. Alive is free with limited features but you can unlock everything with a $3.49/week subscription.

These were some of the live wallpaper apps for iPhone that provide great quality content and don’t overlap too much with each other. Apps like Wallpaper Central are great for exclusive Apple wallpapers, Alive is for creating your own wallpapers from existing templates, Live Wallpapers has a huge library, and more.

Hope that you have found the article helpful. 0 0 0.

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone iOS

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