Best Android Data Recovery Apps


Best Android Data Recovery Apps

Best Android Data Recovery Apps

Best Android Data Recovery Apps

Best Android Data Recovery Apps

Losing a file is painful, no matter what. The reason why data is lost in your Android or iOS can be due to accidental deletion, lack of backup, rooting errors, memory card malfunction, etc.

No fear, there is a way to solve the problem. Let’s discuss the problem in detail with the proper solution as below:

Best Android Data Recovery Apps

How does Android data recovery software work?

The mystery is that deleting a file does not completely erase its data. Android marks that space as empty and considers the file missing. Therefore, you cannot see the file, and that location may be overwritten by new files. When that space is occupied by the original files, you can say that your file is lost.

Since most Android phones do not have a Recycle Bin, you cannot get your data back through it. Ultimately, Android data recovery software can be used to save your files. The software can scour the Android phone’s memory to search for pages marked with 0 to detect recoverable data.

Furthermore, the tool assembles recoverable data back together, while giving it a salvageable format. Also, it is advised to use a data recovery tool as soon as the file is being deleted so that the chances of recovering the data are quite high.

To recover data, there are usually three easy steps involved:

Connecting the device successfully to the PC where the recovery software is installed

Choosing a file type after scanning

Selecting desired files and recovering data

Below are some of the software that you can use to recover data from your Android devices.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps

Tenorshare UltData

Tenorshare is considered to be one of the best Android data recovery software you can find. It boasts of the highest success rate in the industry and is compatible with almost all devices, including Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and so on.

This software has made it easy to recover your deleted photos and WhatsApp messages from your smartphone without root. Even if you don’t have any backup, it can still recover videos, voice, stickers, documents etc. on WhatsApp.

Regardless of the file type, Tenorshare can help you recover important contacts, valuable photos from the gallery, call records and other files in your internal memory. For this, you need to root your device.

Data recovery is possible in such scenarios: as accidental deletion, water damage, OS Crash, the screen is broken, system root etc.

You can recover your data from both internal memory as well as SD card. You can also preview the file before recovering it. Talking about the security aspect, this tool is read-only and risk-free, where there is no possibility of information leaks or loss of data.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps


Drfone data recovery software claims to be the world’s first brand that provides data recovery services for personal use. It has been leading the industry for over eight years and supports over 6000 Android devices. You can also extract files from your broken Samsung smartphone.

This software is capable of recovering a wide range of file types including music, text messages, contacts, videos, photos, documents and WhatsApp messages for rooted phones. With this tool on your side, lost data can be recovered, for example, accidental deletion, system crash, forgotten password, SD card problems, rooting errors, ROM flashing, damage, black screen, factory reset etc. .

Using dr.fone solution, you can scan and preview lost files to recover all or selected data with few simple clicks. It offers three recovery modes, namely, internal storage, broken device, and SD card.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps


D-Back provides an easy way to recover your deleted data from Android smartphone or tablet. You can even get them back from a broken phone. The software supports many Android smartphones and file types, including call logs, messages, photos, audio, videos, contacts, documents and WhatsApp data.

With D-Back, you get a high level of security and fast data after you lose them based on a system crash, accidental deletion, water damage, virus attack, black screen, forgotten password, system root and device not responding. 

The software provides data recovery from internal memory as well as SD card. You can also preview and filter files before recovering them.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps 


EaseUS can efficiently recover your deleted files such as contacts, text messages, videos, photos, documents and audios. It supports over 6000 Android devices including Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Oneplus, Asus etc.

The software can recover files from SD card and internal memory when data is lost through accidental damage, virus attack, device failure, rooting, improper device handling, SD card issues, and more. You just need to connect your device, scan lost files and recover the files you want in minutes.

EaseUS takes care of security and privacy without overwriting the data. In addition, it offers lifetime free upgrades so that you can enjoy its latest version as soon as it is released. Also, if you face any difficulties, you can get free help from their technical support.

To check the quality of recovery files in advance, you can preview the recoverable data and filter the desired data. In addition, you can track changes in real-time as the software sends recovery result notifications to the device’s notification center.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps


PhoneRescue is probably the only one that can recover deleted data and restore it directly to your smartphone. Whether you root your device or not, it can still find and recover deleted data.

The software can restore different types of data from your phone, including WhatsApp data and attachments. Taking advantage of technologies optimized for each smartphone and tablet, PhoneRescue recovers files at an impressive speed.

In addition, the software can save your device when it is locked with a pattern, password or fingerprint without losing data.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps


Using FonePaw, you can easily recover your deleted media and texts from your Android device. The scanning speed of this tool is relatively fast while protecting the privacy of your data including call logs, messages, photos, videos, documents and WhatsApp media.

It supports a wide range of file formats such as Excel, Word, PPT, HTML, PDF, RAR, ZIP, and more. It doesn’t matter if your data was lost due to accidental damage, OS crashes, SD issues, ROM flashing and virus attack; The software can restore them all.

More than 6000 Android devices are supported by the software, ranging from versions 2.3-9.0. Apart from these, the software also offers features including backup and restore as well as data extraction from broken Android phones.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is another powerful tool to recover data from Android devices. It is easy to use and free which can get your data back after it was deleted inadvertently or through corruption.

The types of files recoverable by this software are documents, apps, music files, videos, databases, emails and more. To recover data, you need to connect your Android device to your PC after enabling “Mass Storage” mode. Now, open the software and scan and recover lost files.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps


If you’ve deleted some useful data from your device by a system update, ROM flashing, device rooting, or simply by accident, AirMore can help you restore files like you never lost it. It provides a fast way of data recovery from both SD card and the internal memory of the device.

From the internal storage, the software can recover data such as contacts, messages, photos, audio, videos, call logs, documents and WhatsApp data. On the other hand, the device can restore data such as photos, videos, audio, and documents from the SD card.

In the event that your device breaks down, falls into the water, or the system crashes, its data can be recovered. However, the feature is only applicable for Samsung Galaxy phone models but is expected to support more devices soon.

Losing data is a really painful experience especially when you cannot afford to lose them permanently. But it happens and there is nothing to worry about; The Android data recovery software listed above can help you restore the files. No matter what type of file you have lost or the Android device you use, data recovery software provides an efficient, secure and fast way to get them back.

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Best Android Data Recovery Apps

Best Android Data Recovery Apps

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