Best Android Backup Apps


Best Android Backup Apps

Best Android Backup Apps

Best Android Backup Apps

Best Android Backup Apps

In this digital age Android, mobile phone plays a crucial role in storing various data that we need in our everyday life. So it is necessary to backup all our data on our phones because we never know what can be with the electronic device. 

But no need to be worry. The market is flooded with backup apps for Android device, which offers easy and dynamic data recovery practices in some easy steps. However, choosing the best app to back up our Android device becomes extremely difficult.

Here a list of some best Android Backup Apps is given below:

Alpha Backup Pro

Alpha Backup Pro is an android backup app that works by copying APK files or copies into your device’s cloud storage. It lets you share the name of APK, App version, installation date, and package.

Best Android Backup Apps

 Autosync by Metactrl

From Metatol’s house, AutoCink is the best option to back up your Android phone. It has been prepared for Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Mega, and OneDrive and automatically gives you backup. If you upload anything on the drive, it will automatically link it to your device.

Best Android Backup Apps

G Cloud Backup

G cloud backup is suitable for device backup. It works by making an auto-backup or manual backup of all your data such as call logs, photos, music, video, contacts etc. The interesting thing is that it is able to back up your device’s settings.

Raddit Apps for Android

With the auto-backup option, you can create a backup of your device while it is connected to charging or WiFi. This service provides additional 1 GB free space. Apart from this, you can pay the nominal fee of $ 3.99 to reach endless storage.

If you prefer an easy-to-pay and simple way to back up your Android device, then backup your mobile you want! It is free to use and makes the minimalist app backup of your device’s settings, call logs, messages etc. There is a user-focused interface that eliminates the backup process at any time.

Best Android Backup Apps

Google Photos

The most dependable, Google photo is another easy-to-use Android backup app to back up all your photos. It creates an auto data backup while restoring images on Google Drive from your mobile device. This Lightweight App will need Google Drive Space.

It comes with some additional functionality so that you can come to see and remove photos from your device, and if they have backed up earlier, then this app will automatically sort them in the album, so that all this Will be simplified for you. The app provides 15 GB free.

Best Android Backup Apps

Resilio Sync

When it comes to the talk of cloud storage, the Regilio Sync is one of the most admirable options. It allows you to save all your back-up data on your computer or laptop. However, it takes a little more time to install because it is necessary to connect to your phone to synchronize your computer or laptop. Apart from this, it works similar to any other cloud app. As soon as you create a data backup, it appears on your computer device so that you can use it at any time.

Apart from this, the files are protected with an additional layer of security, so that it is made an app after demand for personal data or information. If you need to use this app for the original data backup operation, you can select its free version. But if you want to perform more there is a Pro version of it.

Best Android Backup Apps


If you are a root user, then migrate will work for you. This easy app has been prepared for backups of your desired things. It includes app data, apps, permissions, messages, contacts, call logs, default keyboard options, and much! This creates a flash zip file of all your backup data, which is then flashed on your new ROM, after which the zip is flashed by this app.

Swift Backup

Swift Backup Apps is designed for both a new bee root and non-root Android device. In the non-root version of this app, there are backup services for apps, call logs, messages, wallpapers etc., while its root version works by adding data, permissions and WiFi configurations.

The app is out of the cloud service and supports platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, NAS, WebDAV, and self-cloud. With your premium version, you can also back up the Launcher icon shortcut. However, the only crux is required to learn some of its user interfaces.

Best Android Backup Apps

Solid Explorer

Although Solid Explorer is a file browser app, it includes data backup feature. Compatible with multiple cloud services and micro SD card allows users to make data backup of their Android device on an interface. It lets you choose the backup file and then lets them back up on the cloud storage or SD card. This supports FTP server and other types of self-style backup for app data.


Titanium Root is another data backup option for your Android device. It is flooded with many features and offers continuous updates to perform especially. Not at all for non-root users, it gives you backup applications including data apps, backup cloud storage and many.

The original version of this app is free, while the Pro version can be downloaded at $ 5.99. And to add, its Pro version is very high and receives single-click batch storage, syncing options and a lot!

Hope that the article would help you select a suitable backup app for your android and pc. 0 0 0.

Best Android Backup Apps

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