What Is Internet Marketing?


What Is Internet Marketing?

What Is Internet Marketing

What Is Internet Marketing?

What Is Internet Marketing? 

The present-day world of ours is the world of the Internet. From morning till bedtime at night what we do there is a huge dependence on the internet. Internet usage is increasing every day around the world – in fact, about 5 billion people worldwide use the Internet by 2023.

Marketing is about reaching customers and has always been where they are. TV commercials print ads and billboards all attempt to do the same.

The Internet offers unique benefits that other marketing mediums cannot provide – range of reach, the option to personalize content, and the opportunity to build far-reaching relationships with customers, just a few.

But the Internet can be a tremendous and ubiquitous entity, filled with videos and recipes and news articles and e-commerce sites. In the crowded internet space, how should you differentiate your business to reach the right audience?

The right answer is internet marketing.

Internet marketing leverages digital channels including email, social media, websites and search engines to reach your ideal audience. Unlike more traditional advertising mediums such as print, the Internet encourages a two-way interaction between your business and your customer, ideally creating better long-term customer retention.

There’s no denying it: Internet marketing is critical to the success of your business.

But as with all gimmicks and tricks, it can be difficult to separate short-term winnings from effective long-term strategies, which is why we’ve created an ultimate guide. Here, we’ll cover everything from marketing strategies to real-world examples to make sure your business reaches the right people out of that five billion.

What Is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet or Online Marketing?

Online marketing, also known as Internet marketing or web advertising, is a form of marketing that uses the Internet to deliver promotional messages to customers through digital channels such as search engines, email, websites, and social media.

Online marketing strategies include web design, SEO, email, social media, PPC and other methods related to the Internet.

What Is Internet Marketing?

The Role of Internet Marketing?

Simply put, the role of Internet marketing is to help your business reach, attract and convert an online audience.

Let’s go over two different goals you have with internet marketing, as well as the methods needed to achieve those goals.

Internet Marketing to Attract New Customers

We can use online marketing strategies to attract new customers. To do this, we’ll want to focus primarily on paid social media ads, search engines, and web design.

For example, we can use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience to get our message across to an audience similar to our core demographic. Or, we can pay a social media influencer to share images of our products with an already established community. Paid social media can attract new customers to our brand or product, but we’ll want to do market research and testing before investing too much in a social media channel.

To attract new customers, we also need to maintain a powerful SEO presence. As 89% of B2B buyers and 81% of shoppers use the Internet to research before making a purchase decision, it is imperative that your business is at the forefront of related keyword searches.

Having a strong SEO presence leads to more in-store purchases, as well – in fact, 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases, and local searches lead to half of the mobile users visiting the store within a day.

In the end, it is important that you spend time and resources on your business’s website design. When these aforementioned customers find your website, they will be hesitant to trust your brand and buy your product if your site is confusing or unusable. For this reason, it is important that you take the time to build a user-friendly (and mobile-friendly) website.

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing to Cultivate Brand Loyalty

Internet marketing isn’t just for attracting new customers – it’s also important for maintaining a loyal, long-term customer base. And, since it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one, this is an equally important goal.

You’ll want to use email, blogging, and social media tactics to increase brand awareness, develop a strong online community, and maintain customer loyalty. Consider sending personalized emails to impress or inspire past customers — for example, you can send them discounts based on what they’ve purchased in the past, wish them a happy birthday, or give them an upcoming event can be reminded of.

To properly plan email campaigns, you will need an email list.

Additionally, you can use social media to showcase your brand’s personality and hear directly from your customers. Consider hosting a Twitter chat, posting surveys on Instagram, or creating fun contests on Facebook.

If you don’t feel like you have the bandwidth to create all the social media content internally, consider using a third-party service like UpContent, which sends you compelling, curated content that you can share with your audience. 

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing vs Content Marketing

Content marketing and Internet marketing are incredibly similar strategies used to attract leads and prospects to your site and ultimately convert web traffic into customers. However, there are some minor differences between the two.

Content marketing lives under the roof of online/internet marketing – meaning that online/internet marketing is more comprehensive and content marketing is a process within that strategy.

Content marketing only applies to the process of creating and distributing content to reach an audience. Online marketing, on the other hand, involves sharing that content via email, search engines and social media – it also includes paid advertising, retargeting and a wide range of strategies that you can use to reach an audience online. 

While most of the strategies that fall under online marketing are related to content creation, online marketing is also related to non-content creation tasks of Internet marketing: such as PPC bidding, or website design. 0 0 0.

What Is Internet Marketing?

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