Sports Quiz


Sports Quiz

Sports Quiz

Sports Quiz

1. Q: Where were the 2016 Summer Olympics hosted?
– Ans: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

2. Q: What is Japan’s national sport?
– Ans: Sumo wrestling

3. Q: Who holds the record for the most Formula 1 World Championships?
– Ans: Michael Schumacher

4. Q: In baseball, what is the only ball in play where all players are out at the same time?
– Ans: Foul ball

5. Q: In which city is the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) located?
– Ans: Melbourne, Australia

6. Q: Who is referred to as “The King” in professional golf?
– Ans: Arnold Palmer

7. Q: What term is used for a perfect game in bowling?
– Ans: 300 game

8. Q: Which country won the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup?
– Ans: United States

Here are additional sports-related questions for your quiz:

9. Q: What is the oldest tennis tournament globally?
– Ans: Wimbledon. Sports Quiz

10. Q: In which sport is a “header” performed?
– Ans: Soccer (Football)

11. Q: Who holds the record for the most home runs in a single MLB season?
– Ans: Barry Bonds

12. Q: Which team has won the most NBA championships?
– Ans: Boston Celtics

13. Q: What is the circumference of a standard volleyball in inches?
– Ans: 25-27 inches

14. Q: Which country is renowned for starting the modern sport of Parkour?
– Ans: France

15. Q: Who was the first African American to play in Major League Baseball?
– Ans: Jackie Robinson

16. Q: What is the maximum number of clubs allowed in a golfer’s bag during a tournament?
– Ans: 14 clubs

17. Q: Which country won the first Cricket World Cup in 1975?
– Ans: West Indies. Sports Quiz

18. Q: What is the diameter of a standard ice hockey puck in inches?
– Ans: 3 inches

19. Q: In which sport would you find a “half-pipe”?
– Ans: Skateboarding or snowboarding

20. Q: Who is the all-time leading scorer in the NBA?
– Ans: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

21. Q: What is the term for a race where each competitor starts at a different time?
– Ans: Handicap race

22. Q: Which country has won the most Rugby World Cups?
– Ans: New Zealand

23. Q: Who holds the record for the fastest 100m sprint in the Olympics?
– Ans: Usain Bolt. Sports Quiz

24. Q: What is the length of a standard Olympic swimming pool in meters?
– Ans: 50 meters

25. Q: In which country did the sport of sumo wrestling originate?
– Ans: Japan

26. Q: Who is the only player to have scored in three separate World Cup tournaments?
– Ans: Pelé

27. Q: What is the highest possible score in a gymnastics routine?
– Ans: 10

28. Q: In what sport is a “shuttlecock” used?
– Ans: Badminton. Sports Quiz

29. Q: Which athlete has won the most Olympic gold medals in history?
– Ans: Michael Phelps

30. Q: What is the nickname of the Los Angeles MLB team?
– Ans: Dodgers

31. Q: Who was the first female gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10 in the Olympics?
– Ans: Nadia Comăneci

32. Q: What is the standard weight of an Olympic barbell in men’s weightlifting?
– Ans: 20 kilograms (44.1 pounds)

33. Q: In which city were the modern Olympic Games held for the first time in the United States?
– Ans: St. Louis

34. Q: Which city hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics?
– Ans: London, United Kingdom

35. Q: Who holds the record for the most career goals in professional soccer?
– Ans: Josef Bican

36. Q: In which year were the first-ever Paralympic Games held?
– Ans: 1960. Sports Quiz

37. Q: What is the diameter of a standard table tennis (ping-pong) ball in millimeters?
– Ans: 40 millimeters

38. Q: Which tennis player is known for the “tweener” shot between their legs?
– Ans: Roger Federer

39. Q: What is the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate in Major League Baseball?
– Ans: 60 feet, 6 inches

40. Q: Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowl championships?
– Ans: New England Patriots

41. Q: In which city did the famous “Rumble in the Jungle” boxing match take place?
– Ans: Kinshasa, Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo)

42. Q: Who was the first female athlete to be featured on the Wheaties cereal box?
– Ans: Mary Lou Retton (gymnast)

43. Q: What is the maximum weight of a boxing glove in ounces?
– Ans: 16 ounces. Sports Quiz

44. Q: Which player has won the most Wimbledon men’s singles titles?
– Ans: Roger Federer

45. Q: In which country did the sport of polo originate?
– Ans: Persia (modern-day Iran)

46. Q: Who is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the NHL (National Hockey League)?
– Ans: Wayne Gretzky

47. Q: What is the diameter of a standard discus used in track and field?
– Ans: Around 22 centimeters for men, and around 18 centimeters for women

48. Q: In basketball, what does the term “And-One” refer to?
– Ans: A made basket while being fouled, with the opportunity for a free throw

49. Q: What is the total number of events in a decathlon?
– Ans: 10 events

Sports Quiz

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