Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS


Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

This article answers some common questions on Mobile Zombie Games for Android and iOS. Go on reading the article and quench your curiosity.

Best Mobile Zombie Games

Since we are all going through the world’s biggest pandemic, you might be wondering what you would do if you were on the Walking Dead TV show. No matter if you like TWD or not, here are some free zombie games that you will surely love. If you play games on your Android or iOS smartphone, you can use this list.

Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

Plants Vs. Dead Body

Plants vs. Zombies top our list because of their adventurous nature. Here, the living doesn’t fight the zombies, but the plants do. You must plant in your garden or backyard to prevent zombies from entering your home. These plants have different powers – someone can spit fireballs, someone can eat the dead, and so on. Since plants have so much power, zombies do too. And there’s a special plant designed for each type of zombie.

Plants VS Zombies is available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. And it has two versions- Plants vs Zombies and Plants vs Zombies 2. Both are fun and adventurous, but the latter version is more interesting than the first one. There are many competitive levels in that game that one has to try to complete.

Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is a survival game like The Walking Dead where you have to go on missions, kill dead walkers and collect rewards. The prizes are available in two forms – cash and gold.

You can use these rewards to purchase items—such as weapons, clothing, equipment, and character upgrades. Weapons include Colt M1911A1 and AK-47, shotguns, machine guns, pistols, rifles etc. You can earn rewards not only by killing zombies but also by completing cash briefcases and objectives.

Dead Trigger is an offline shooter game that you can play on your Android and iOS phones. There is also a new version of the game called Dead Trigger 2 that you can enjoy. Dead Trigger falls into the horror category as well as action.

Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead video game is based on the popular American TV show and comic series “The Walking Dead”. It’s a lot like Dead Trigger, except it focuses more on the story and character development.

The Walking Dead is also an adventure-packed game where the story depends on the choice of characters. This time, the characters are in your hands—they’ll do what you want them to do. And if they get eaten by zombies, it’s in your hands. Your choices will keep the game going from episode to episode.

You have to focus your survival in the zombie apocalypse along with a group of other survivors. By making important decisions, you will earn points that will help you advance to the next episode.

You can play The Walking Dead on your Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Playstation, Linux, etc.

Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is an endless running game that you probably won’t be able to finish. You will face obstacles in your journey which you need to pass to survive as a zombie. The most fascinating thing about Zombie Tsunami is that you don’t have to kill zombies to survive. You instead protect zombies from obstacles, collect coins, and even trap civilians to turn them into zombies. There are various rewards in the game that you can earn by collecting coins.

This single-player game is available for Android and iOS devices. Whatever device you’re playing, the soundtrack will keep you around. So, if you are a zombie game lover but not much into killing or attacking, then Zombie Tsunami is here for you.

Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

Dead Effect 2

You have to control your moves in Dead Effect 2 using the virtual buttons on your smartphone touch screen. There are explosives, iron sights, weapons to use to survive. The game has three protagonists: Gunnar Davis, Jane Frey and Kay Renner. And you can play as one of them. These three characters have different strengths that will help you win the game.

You can get this game for free on your iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, etc devices.

Hope that your curiosity rounding Mobile Zombie Games for Android & iOS has quenched and if you are interested in any of the above games, you can pick up one from the list for your enjoyment. 0 0 0.

Mobile Zombie Game for Android and iOS

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