Free Adware Removal Tools For Windows 10


Free Adware Removal Tools For Windows 10

Free Adware Removal Tools For Windows 10

Free Adware Removal Tools For Windows 10

Free Adware Removal Tools For Windows 10

This article is about free adware removal tools for windows 10.

Adware Removal Tool is one of the most useful utilities you can use to block annoying ads on your favourite website and remove adware from your PC.

Browsers have become an important part of our internet journey, everything we search on the web is transmitted through browsers. With so much free software available on the web, people are likely to download them for their own reasons, but they are unaware that this software does not come alone. Malware, spyware, and adware can accompany them, parasitizing the user’s system and resulting in unnecessary breakdowns and breaches. Cybercriminals use adware to generate revenue illegally.

Adware is potentially unwanted software. It is also called advertising software, which directs you to malicious websites and collects user information.

In addition to generating revenue, they can also covertly add anonymous new toolbars, and extensions, and replace the home page.

Adware is not easily recognized because they disguise as legitimate programs, it can also evade anti-virus scans and are therefore often classified as potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). Here are some recent adware infections that affected millions of users.

Here a list of Free Adware Removal Tools For Windows 10  is being gone to provide you as below:


AdwCleaner is developed by Malwarebytes and is used to remove unwanted programs, browsers and adware from our system.

AdwCleaner, offered for free, is a very powerful best adware removal tool for Mac and Windows that detects adware from its database and keeps the system clean from any adware.

It is highly appreciated for its quick installation and fast scanning processes. 


HitmanPro is a malware and adware removal tool for Windows 10, unlike AdwCleaner, it is targeted not just for adware but for malware as a whole.

HitmanPro has the ability to run with other security software, thus adding an extra layer of security to the system.

It uses a user behaviour analysis mechanism thus scanning for suspicious behaviour by files and folders so that the antivirus program can detect any new ‘zero-day’ malware before updating its signatures for the latest infections.

Adware, malware, and spyware can all be fixed as these work after you boot your system, but what if your hard disk has a rootkit and it boots before the OS? Yes, this is where HitmanPro stands alone, as it will detect the presence of a rootkit in the hard drive by checking the same in its cloud database to identify the unknown presence and help the system boot without this rootkit.

Zemana Antimalware

Zemana is another adware removal tool for Chrome and other browsers that helps users to remove adware, spyware, Trojans, viruses, rootkits, add-ons, unwanted software, browser extensions and unwanted toolbars.

Unlike other tools Zemana does not come for free, it is a premium one but can be used for free for 15 days.


Bitdefender Removal Tool is a very good antimalware and adware removal tool for Android and it works well with antivirus software.

This will help remove adware, PUP, browser extensions and more from the system. When combined with an antivirus solution, this tool is somewhat extravagant for its advanced malware detection processes.


MalwareFox comes in a package providing protection against adware, browser toolbars, ads, ransomware, rootkits, spyware and Trojans. Along with its wide range of protection against malware, this tool is also being offered for free, which makes it the ultimate choice for users.

Apart from this, it also takes care of PUP and protects the system data providing complete security and privacy to the users.

Note: All of the above-mentioned tools will help remove adware from your system, but in general, users will need an antivirus solution to deal with threats effectively. These adware removal tools go hand in hand with online antivirus tools.

Sometimes antivirus tools can take some time to detect new threats if they are without user behaviour analysis and this is when such tools will help as their cloud versions already have a database of existing threats and they can identify the new one using their user behavioural analysis and proprietary technology.

Please feel free to try any of the above-mentioned Adware Removal Tools. 0 0 0.

Free Adware Removal Tools For Windows 10

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