Best Cricket Games For PC


Best Cricket Games For PC

Best Cricket Games For PC

Best Cricket Games For PC

Best Cricket Games For PC

Best Cricket Games For PC

If playing cricket outdoors isn’t enough for you, you might enjoy playing it virtually as well. You can play some awesome cricket games on your PC. These games won’t be affected by weather and you can play for hours from the comfort of your home. Cricket games for PC are also great for people who want to virtually live a cricketer’s life and glory and fulfill their dreams of playing on the international stage. When you play one of these best cricket games for PC, you can also virtually fulfill your international cricketing dreams. Let’s get started.

Here a list of some Best Cricket Games for PC is being given below:

Best Cricket Games For PC

International Test Cricket

One of the best cricket games for PC is International Test Cricket. This is a management-centric cricket game. You need to constantly use your brain in order to succeed in this game. International Test Cricket is a very immersive game. You can start by building a rock-solid team and face off your opponents with confidence. You will also be able to track the scores of the game and make adjustments as per the requirements. Taking too long to reach a decision can drastically alter the game’s course.

Cricket 19

Next on our list of the best cricket games for PC, is Cricket 19. This game features all of cricket’s formats and you can have a great experience while playing all of them. The real-world AI bots also help with the gaming experience. The game also has a scenario mode that can help you recreate legendary cricket matches and experience them.

Best Cricket Games For PC

Don Bradman Cricket 17

One, among few of the best cricket games for PC, is Don Bradman cricket 17. The market for cricket games isn’t huge because the game is popular only in a few countries and America isn’t one of them. Countries such as India where cricket is a way of life, don’t have many people with gaming PC’s or consoles.

Bowling is one of the hardest skills of modern cricket and Don Bradman cricket 17 reflects that. It gives you a wide array of deliveries to choose from and lets you alter details such as the pitch swing, flight and speed of the ball. This skill is incredibly hard to master. For every excellent delivery that gets you a wicket, you will end up bowling two wide balls, so wide that they will race to the boundary. Fast bowlers are harder to control than spinners so if you’re just starting out, try spin bowling to keep the run rate under control by flying around the walk. The delivery batting is another of the game’s highlights. Things won’t end well if you don’t get the footwork short selection or timing right. While that sounds like an obvious thing the implementation was quite impressive the difficulty level is another big plus. There’s enough of a challenge for beginners even in easy mode while advanced players will enjoy slugging it out in hard mode.

Best Cricket Games For PC

Cricket Revolution

Kicking off our list of the best cricket games for PC is Cricket Revolution. The best part of this game is that it supports both single-player and multiplayer modes. Hence, you can enjoy this game with your friends, online or over the Local Area Network.

This cricket game is great for bowling enthusiasts. It features some great bowling mechanics and there are a lot of variations that you can choose for a particular ball. The gameplay is player-friendly, and tracking your score is easy during the game.

Ashes Cricket

Next on our list of the best cricket games for PC, is Ashes Cricket. This game was released in 2017 to celebrate 135 years of cricketing history between England and Australia. You can play with the licensed men’s or women’s cricket teams of Australia and England. If you want to play with teams from other countries, then you can customize, create, or edit them the way you like.

Ashes Cricket is very popular for its awesome visuals and the realistic gaming experience. Go terrorize Aussie batsmen with James Anderson’s swing bowling or start a batting masterclass on the England bowlers with David Warner.

Best Cricket Games For PC

Cricket Captain 2020

Next on our list of the best cricket games for PC, is Cricket Captain 2020. Compared to other games on this list, the player database of this game is gigantic. All of the sport’s legends can be found in this game.

With this game, you can also take a more management-centric approach toward gaming. Come up with the best strategies to defeat your opponents. You can also play as individual players if team play is not what you are keen on.

Big Bash Boom

Big Bash Boom is on our list of best cricket games for PC. This game is a blast. This is not a simulation and it is more arcade fun. The large heads of the players are great indicators of this. There is no limit to what you can do with this game. You can score 12 runs in a ball and can bowl at a speed of 200 km/h. You can also set the pitch on fire (literally) and prevent your opposition from running between the wickets. Big Bash Boom is all about arcade fun and it doesn’t really take any rules too seriously. So if you are a Wisden thumper, this game is not for you. The animations in Big Bash Boom feel like an evolution of the Big Bash Cricket mobile game. A perfectly timed six shows the shining mark with the ball. All the shots you can play have been taken out of Ashes cricket, but the realism is gone. Now even if you don’t hit the ball in the right field, sometimes it will advance to 6. You can even see it on the harder difficulty. 

So these are the best cricket games for PC that are available today. If you really love to play cricket, then you can also enjoy the virtual version of your favorite games. Try these, you are bound to enjoy them. Get busy setting up, and busy playing.

Have a good day and enjoy playing as much as you can, but be mindful that sports don’t hurt your chores. 0 0 0.

Best Cricket Games For PC

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