What are the Main Types of Websites?


What are the Main Types of Websites? or Types of Websites

What are the Main Types of Websites?

What are the Main Types of Websites?

What are the Main Types of Websites?

In this digital world, a website is a must thing without which our everyday life is a dead one. Website is one of the most significant and urgent means by which we have been conducting our life very easily and comfortably. There are several types of websites, such as-

Static Website

In Static Websites, the web pages returned by the server are prebuilt source code files built using simple languages such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. In static websites, there is no processing of the content (according to the user) on the server. Web pages are returned by the server without any changes, so static websites are faster. There is no interaction with the database. Also, they are less expensive because the host does not need to support server-side processing with different languages. What are the Main Types of Websites?

Dynamic Websites

In dynamic websites, web pages are returned by the server, which is processed during runtime, which means they are not prebuilt web pages, but they are created on user demand with the help of server-side scripting languages like PHP. According to are created during runtime. , Node.js, ASP.NET, and many others are supported by the server. Therefore, they are slower than static websites but updates and interaction with the database are possible. Dynamic websites are used over static websites because updates can be made very easily as compared to static websites (where every page needs to be changed) but in dynamic websites, it is possible to make a simple change once, and It will be visible on all web pages. What are the Main Types of Websites?

Sub-types (Categories) of Websites

Again Websites can be classified into some sub-categories, as discussed under –


These types of websites are managed by an individual or a small group of individuals, they can cover any topic – they can give you fashion tips, music tips, travel tips, and fitness tips. Nowadays professional blogging has become an outright popular way to earn money online. What are the Main Types of Websites?


These websites are known as online shops. These websites allow us to purchase products and make online payments for products and services. Stores can be handled as standalone websites.


These types of websites act as an extension of a freelancer’s resume. This provides a convenient way for potential clients to view your work, while also allowing you to expand on your skills or services.


These types of websites are mainly used by small businesses, these types of websites act as digital business cards, and only a few pages used to display contact information and advertise services are done. What are the Main Types of Websites?

News and Magazines

These websites require less explanation, the main objective of these types of websites is to keep their readers updated with current affairs while magazines focus on entertainment. What are the Main Types of Websites

Social Media

We all know about some famous social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many more. These websites are usually created to let people share their thoughts, images, videos, and other useful components.


Educational websites are quite easy to understand as their name suggests. These websites are designed to display information through audio or video or images. What are the Main Types of Websites?


These types of websites are used for internal purposes within the school, institution or business. These websites often have a login process that allows students to access their credential information or allows employees to access their email and alerts.

Those are the main types and sub-types of websites. Hope that this article has quenched your thirst for knowledge regarding your query on the types of websites. Please don’t forget to send your valuable feedback. Stay fine and be happy with your family members. o o o.

What are the Main Types of Websites?

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