Mobile Apps To Learn German


Mobile Apps To Learn German

Mobile Apps  To Learn German

Mobile Apps To Learn German

Mobile Apps  To Learn German

Mobile Apps To Learn German

If you are interested to learn German then you are in right place. We have come up with some apps here to help you. Keep reading and install one from the list below and learn well.

Of course, it matters whether your child is young or old when you chose the German Learning App. If the child is only three years old, start with the Play 2 Learn and PinguLingu German Learning apps. All your little one has to do is tap the screen to hear German words or sounds. 

If your child is twelve years of age or older, they may still be interested in apps to learn German for young children, and since it’s a great way to start a new language, don’t let that stop them! But also ask them for something else like Mindsnakes German or Doki.

If they’re more advanced or if they feel too old for games you can buy them a Basu subscription and download the free apps Duolingo and Memories.

Here are some fun and educational apps, games, and resources for kids, teens, and young people learning the German language by heart. 

Mobile Apps To Learn German


StudyCat is one of the favourite German learning apps for kids. Their educational language learning games will keep your kids entertained as they learn German. This is a fun German curriculum divided into themed topics that teach children the foundations of language learning – listening, reading, spelling and pronunciation. Each themed course includes a range of lessons that educate and entertain children as they learn German.

StudyCat’s curriculum combines a traditional language curriculum with engaging and fun German learning games for kids. The ‘Learn German for Kids’ app will help children acquire basic vocabulary and language learning skills. Words and phrases are presented in contexts to maximize German learning and understanding.

Mobile Apps To Learn German


Touted as one of the best learning apps, Babbel helps make your dream of learning a new language a reality. Lessons designed and prepared by experts, this app also teaches the basics and hence is beneficial even if you are a beginner. The Dialogue Trainer feature in the app instills confidence in you, thereby enhancing learning. You can also improve your pronunciation when you get feedback, which helps you understand where you went wrong, and improves your speaking skills.

Mobile Apps To Learn German


Pimsleur, one of the best German apps, also works with Alexa, which lets you enjoy your audio lessons comfortably and from home, without any extra effort. The gamification feature in this app helps you earn badges as you progress and also provides digital flashcards that enhance your skills. The game enables you to connect your culture and history-making learning relatable, relaxing and super fun. If you’re a beginner, the quick reading lessons help you learn the basics, and you don’t need any knowledge or understanding to get started with this app.

Mobile Apps To Learn German


The courses are designed by experts in the German language, making it one of the best apps to learn German. The app offers over 3,000 words and phrases and nearly 10,000 audio and video clips to help you connect the culture to the language and make it simple to learn. Native speakers help inspire and improve your skills along with the convenience of a smart learning engine. You can get in touch with local people and get real insights and feedback, making this app one of the best for learning.


Learning German has never been easier with this app. Think why? Because it mostly consists of games that will help you to improve your language skills. 9 games are designed to teach you aspects of basic vocabulary and grammar of German.

They will be suitable for everyone including children. All those who are planning a trip to Germany can use this app. The app contains more than 50 lessons. You can learn more than 1000 words from here. Even if you feel bored for whatever reason, the extra quests and challenges will keep you motivated.

Mobile Apps To Learn German


Designed for both children and adults, Duolingo aims to help build basic vocabulary and grammar skills. This app is the best free German learning app that makes learning enjoyable and effective with short bite-sized lessons. You participate in multiple games and races against the clock to earn rewards and compete. This element of gamification creates a competitive spirit that also enables better learning. Personalized learning with Duolingo helps you stay motivated to learn and adapt to your learning style, making the process fast and intuitive.

Trusted by millions of learners, Busuu is one of the best German-language learning apps for many reasons: personal, business, travel, and more. You’ll find specialized courses tailored to your needs and practice, along with a huge native-speaker community. There is a grammar review feature that will help you through challenging times and learn offline without the internet. You can start as a beginner and then reach an advanced stage seamlessly and step by step.

Mobile Apps To Learn German


To make learning many foreign languages ​​convenient and quick, LingoDeer is one of the best apps for learning German. With a curriculum designed by expert teachers that helps you understand the language with clarity, this app will make you an expert in German without any extra effort. You will have access to lessons from native speakers that will help improve your listening and speaking skills. Flashcards feature enables you to test yourself with quizzes and goal training. You can practice speaking with engaging stories and challenge others in the community.


One of the best language exchange apps, you can chat and learn with real people. You can learn German and teach someone your native language in return, which helps on both sides. The app offers multiple ways to text, i.e. text, video call, voice recording and more. There is a feature of in-app improvements and translations, which helps the conversation to flow smoothly. There is nothing like learning from a native speaker, and Tandem makes it possible just sitting at home, connecting you with millions of people around the world at the click of a button.

Some of the apps mentioned above are free and some are pro. Both types of apps are beneficial and will help you learn German from the ease and comfort of your home. These apps make learning fun and introduce gamification, keeping you engaged and interested in making learning a faster process. You can choose the best option according to your need and go for it.

There are a variety of apps that teach German. There are also apps that teach a little bit at a time and others that teach how to flow it all at once. However, only a few do it really well.

Choose one from the list and start learning German. Hope that you would have patience and go on your mission. 0 0 0.

Mobile Apps To Learn German

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