Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications


Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

Normally, we have to pay for internet subscription packages to run mobile data on our smartphones. But what if we do not want to spend money on the Internet? The solution is to connect our mobile to WiFi. We can access the internet from there, isn’t it?. No, it is not accessible unless you know the password of the WiFi. But what if you don’t know?

Wait, it is possible in two ways:

First, you ask the owner for the password. He will provide you to access his Internet via Wi-Fi.

Secondly, you have to hack the Wi-Fi password of another’s network and access the internet as an unauthorized person.

The first isn’t reliable when you don’t know the person, so you only have the second option. Here are some apps that help you to steal passwords and allow you to access the internet from others’ accounts.

Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

AndroDumper Wifi (WPS Connect) – Off

If you want to connect to a WPS-enabled router, download it right away without having to go down to browse for other apps. Simply open the app, launch its interface and find nearby wireless networks you want to join. The app will provide an excellent option to retrieve the password of a selected network with and without root. Once you have applied the algorithm, this app will display the password on the screen and connect to the network.

Wi-Fi Password Hacker Prank

WiFi Password Hacker Prank is a free app for Android users and can help you to connect your Android phone to nearby available WiFi networks. This free app simulates the process of hacking a wireless network with your smartphone. With this app, you can hack all wifi network passwords with just one key. The word prank itself says that this is a funny app that is used to prank your friends. Sometimes girls can also get influenced by this prank. But try it at your own risk. Look excellent and professional in front of your friends and co-workers.

Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

WiFi Warden

WiFi Warden is one of the best and most free android wifi hacking apps to access other wifi easily. With WiFi Warden, a user can analyze WiFi networks, connect to their WiFi using password and WPS and view saved WiFi passwords without root.

By analyzing WiFi networks, you can see all the necessary information on who can find who is on the wireless network including BSSID, SSID, channel bandwidth, encryption, security, router manufacturer, distance and channel number, etc.

Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

WiFi Password

‘WiFi Password’ is a completely free app for those people who don’t want to go away from the internet even when their internet data is exhausted. You can connect to other WiFi routers and use their internet.

If you’re using Android version 5 or above, ‘WiFi Password’ might be the right choice for you to watch your favorite shows on YouTube in HD without worrying about mobile data.

WiFi Kill Pro

WiFi Kill is one of the best WiFi network controller applications that can disable the internet connection of other people connected to the same network. Yes, this is true. This is a useful tool for internet users who want to improve their data speed by disabling others’ internet connection and allocating all bandwidth to their device only.

Currently, this app is only for Android users and requires root access to perform well.

Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

WiFi WPS WPA Tester

The most important tool is to hack wifi passwords without knowing root. It is the preferred choice of many smartphone users for deciphering the PIN and accessing WiFi. As time goes by, a tool has been upgraded and now even hacked WiFi networks, whereas it was used to test whether an access point is highly vulnerable to malicious attacks.

If you are using Lollipop or above version on your android mobile phone, you don’t even need to root your device to crack wifi network.

WPS Connect – Off

Routers that have enabled WPS protocol can be hacked with this app. Importantly, almost all routers found in public places and homes fall into this category. In short, you will have what you want. Also, you can focus on your router and check whether it is vulnerable to any malicious attack or not. It helps you to hack wifi passwords without root and also strengthens your wifi network.

Once you have identified the vulnerable (accessible) network, you can quickly retrieve the password and start using the Internet without any hassle. It uses algorithms like EasyboxPin and Zhao. This app is not compatible with Android phones as it has been tested for Android phones like Galaxy series, Nexus and others.

Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

WiFi WPS WPA Tester Premium

An excellent app to decrypt WiFi network passwords on your Android phone. It works fine on rooted and non-rooted Android phones. If you can root an Android device, you may have a better chance of hacking it. Today, security is the primary concern, and therefore, many people use highly secure wireless routers, I think. For such networks, this app will not work as it should. Still, it can work with the help of WPS at times, but not all the time. Every so often, you have to try your luck to gain access to another’s WiFi network. This WPS WPA Tester is a premium APK.

Wifi Hacker

WiFi Hacker is one of the most useful and free apps that allow users to pretend to understand the passwords nearby. It’s great and nice to prank your friends and prove yourself as a hacker in front of them.

This app will display all the available networks nearby. When you click on the network shown in your display, it will start processing and finally display a password. I would say it is a delightful prank app to play with your friends. 

To conclude it is to say that we should be honest in our activities. These can be done only for pranks among friends and nearest ones. 0 0 0.

Free Android WiFi Breaker Applications

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