Best Writing Apps For Bloggers


Best Writing Apps For Bloggers

Best Writing Apps For Bloggers

Best Writing Apps For Bloggers

Best Writing Apps For Bloggers

Best Writing Apps For Bloggers

The Bloggers happen to write much for their blogs. But writing is not an easy task. It needs constant practicing. In addition to this, there are some bloggers who are not well-versed in grammar, punctuation and spelling. They need some extra help form any supervisor. But supervisors are hard to find unless they are paid, So to solve this problem some apps and tools are being invented and there are plenty of them in the market. Though all of them may not meet our desired purpose, yet there are some which serve us excellently. Let’s bring out a list of them with a brief review as under:


Suppose you are an organized person and like to minimize chaos in writing, then Dynalist might be a fine tool. It lets you easily create an outline or structure tier of your thoughts. You can easily convert this into your list article or your long-form written content and never get your thoughts derailed. Think of this one as a content creation planner, much like how you made college papers back in the day. 

Best Writing Apps For Bloggers


Grammarly is a fine and much-used writing tool for bloggers. It’s arguably the best proofing and spellcheck tool on the internet and can easily be used as a browser extension. Moreover, Grammarly includes checking in several forms of the English language so you can tailor your written content for the U.K., U.S., or Australia.

If you have some funds to spare for the premium version, by all means, you can have it. It can help you improve your phrasing as well as your sentence structures. A free version of this with limited advantages is also available.

Best Writing Apps For Bloggers


ProWritingAid is similar enough to Grammarly that the two of them are in direct competition. It’s primarily a grammar checker as well and has a free and premium version. Even the free version is a Google Chrome extension. Additionally, ProWritingAid also works like the Yoast Readability plugin for WordPress which highlights the passive sentences and many other soft do’s and don’t’s in blog writing.


As a blog writer, you usually have to work your brain for ideas during all of your waking hours. There are times when ideas just come to you and you’re not prepared unless you can take notes. Evernote is made for this purpose. It’s one of those writing apps that can help anyone from students to professionals.


Scrivener is another writing tool both for professionals and students.  Although, you’ll likely get the most out of Scrivener if you’re writing a long-term project and not just a 1,000 or 2,000-word blog post. Still, that isn’t to say Scrivener isn’t for that kind of the undertaking; it’s useful for writing anything. One of the best features of this app is having research data on hand and easier to access than say, typing it on Google and sifting through the results. You’ll likely never want to go back to a regular word processor again after having had a taste of Scrivener. But Scrivener is not exactly free. It only has a 30-day trial and after that, you’ll need a license.

Best Writing Apps For Bloggers

Google Docs

So for those of you who don’t have the financial capacity yet, Google Docs would be an awesome alternative. It’s not as comprehensive or as helpful but it’s free and doesn’t require any download.

All you need is a Gmail account and you’re set and can start immediately. One awesome thing about Google Docs is how it allows multiple authors or users to collaborate on one document. This makes writing or editing a painless process.

Zoho Writer

If you need an alternative to Google Docs then Zoho Writer might just be your thing. It’s one of the most powerful online word processors which also allows you to collaborate and test the document out in different formats for other devices.

These writing apps and tools are compact and can easily attach themselves to your browsers for fewer intrusions. Moreover, some of them are even industry standards when it comes to improving the productivity of writers and bloggers. There are also relatively new ones that are competing well and fall in niche expertise or purpose.

Now your task is to choose one from the list and make use of that and if you find this article helpful, please don’t fail to send your feedback. Stay happy and go on writing. 0 0 0.

Best Writing Apps For Bloggers

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